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The Amazing Misadventures of Johnny

>> the boy with his heart on his sleeve <<

5 October
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Johnny is a college student. Johnny is cute and friendly. Johnny is single. Johnny writes scripts and stuff. Johnny works in a book store. Johnny likes just about every kind of music, theater, and taking pictures, and indie films. Johnny is single. Johnny has a great sense of humor. Johnny is a Theater Directing student. Johnny wants to get an MFA in Photography. Johnny wears his heart on his sleeve. Indeed.

All of my posts are friends only so if you want to read my posts, you have to be on my friends list. Add me to yours, and I'll probably add you to mine (if you let me know). Indeed.

Johnny also likes Blackmaker very much. You should check them out if you like the rock music. Indeed.

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iworkatborders for Borders and Waldenbooks Employees
non_toxic for SR-71 fans
chicago_films for filmmakers in and around Chicago
columbiacollege for students and potential students of Columbia College in Chicago.
colum_theater for theater students at Columbia College. I am told that Columbia has the largest theater program in the US so I expect many people to join this badass mofo. Indeed.

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